CDC Approved Safety Plastic Protective Face Shields

“The CDC suggest utilizing face guards to stop cross contamination and self-transmission of agents. All these best-selling plastic face shields protects offer you complete protection against saliva, spray, blood, particulates and germs that are airborne! Ideal for health care professional’s responders, barbers, food assistance, food processing practitioners, retail, salons and investigators. The grade 11/2-inch polyurethane material absorbs sweat and rests on the brow relieving pressure. Optically clear PET guard is 9-inches in duration for protection that is enhanced. Elastic, latex-free retention retains and stretches shield. Easily fits over eyeglasses.

Protective Face Shields are Available in Different Style and Shape

They made to be disposed of after use and are provided in half and full face span configurations.  Plastic face shield medical are available in many different styles and shapes, but one thing they all have in common is their ability to provide complete protection for your face. There are several styles of face shields including those that wrap around the head, neck and/or face, and those that sit on the cheekbones. However, some plastic shields also have an attachment that can be used to cover the mouth. The attachment for these shields is designed to allow an individual to maintain a secure grip on the face while they are wearing the device. Most people prefer to wear one-piece best medical face shield because of their ability to provide full protection. This allows an individual to continue to conduct their daily activities, while avoiding discomfort while wearing the shield.”